Szkoła Polska w San Diego

 ​​​The Polish School of San Diego – Szkoła Polska w San Diego

Mission Statement
Szkoła Polska w San Diego strives to be a resource and a nucleus of support for Polish speaking families in San Diego County and to impart to the students an appreciation for the Polish heritage. Our school’s mission is to create an ideal academic, cultural, and social experience for our children as they study the Polish language and learn about the Polish culture.

General Information

  • SPSD operates as a California non-profit corporation. We welcome tax-deductible donations.
  • SPSD activities are held at Kroc Center classrooms at 6605 University Avenue San Diego 92115 , and they take place on 30 indicated Saturdays per year for 2  hours per day 10:15am-12:15 pm.
  • SPSD program begins in September on the first Saturday after Labor Day weekend, and it ends in late May or early June (please check the calendar).
  • Children are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • SPSD activities are conducted by independent contractors and volunteers.
  • SPSD management consists of a board of directors.

Admission Requirements and Tuition

  • SPSD offers Polish as a Native Language classes to children ages 3-12. It there is enough interest and space available, we will consider offering Polish as a Second Language classes.
  • Admission to SPSD and final placement in class level will be based upon each child’s age, his or her language skills, and emotional and social readiness.
  • In order to be admitted to our preschool, each child must:
    • be 3 years old by 09/01 of the given school year
    • be fully potty trained (able to independently use the bathroom)
    • understand Polish
    • be able to remain without a parent for the duration of class
    • If a child doesn’t prove to be ready to be left in class without a parent, parents may withdraw him or her within the first 4 Saturdays with a refund minus $50 registration fee and the amount owed for those Saturdays the child attended. The House of Poland membership and the textbooks/study materials fee cannot be refunded. Any textbooks that have been purchased so far are the child’s property.
  • In order to be admitted to our K-3 classes, each child must participate in an oral-placement assessment conducted by the program coordinator or a teacher who will determine whether the child is able to understand and use Polish at a level required for a particular age group
  • Admission to the SPSD is without regard to race, color, ethnic origin, or religion.
  • SPSD is only open to children of members of the House of Poland (for insurance reasons). Members must purchase the House of Poland annual membership which is $20 per adult.  New members must pay the membership fee at the time of registration, and returning members must take care of the payment on the first day of school in January of every following year with a separate check made payable to the House of Poland.

Tuition cost is as follows:

  1. With registration, a nonrefundable deposit of $50 has to be made.
  2. Contributions per semester are: $300/first child, $250/second child, $200/third child.
  3. All checks must be made payable to Szkoła Polska w San Diego. (Parents are responsible for the bank charge on bounced checks).
  4. Tuition is due in full until the last Saturday in September for first semester and until the last Saturday in January for second. ; no refund will be given for missed school days regardless for the reason for the absence.

Rights and Responsibilities

  • SPSD Instructors are responsible for planning and providing lessons on indicated Saturdays or finding and instructing a substitute. They are not responsible for supervising students before and after class.
  • SPSD reserves the right to deny services to a child who is sick. Moreover, SPSD will discontinue service to any child who disrupts effective group instruction and activity or endangers the health, peace, safety, and well-being of anyone in the program.
  • In case of a life-threatening emergency, the SPSD staff is responsible for calling 911 and notify the parents.
  • Parents are responsible for dropping off the children to and picking them up from the classrooms in a timely manner.
  • Parents are responsible for supervising their children outside the classroom at all times.
  • Parents are responsible for providing a snack for each child and deciding whether he or she needs sunscreen.

Contact us at szkolapolskasd@gmail.com